How to find iPhone baseband version (Modem firmware)

By | June 3, 2011

iPhone modem firmware is generally called iPhone baseband. Baseband controls carrier or SIM and cellular data network. This is included into IOS. We can easily check our baseband version into iPhone. Follow the instructions below after the next paragraph.

When we update IOS, baseband is also updated. Updated baseband increases the functionality of the modem. It is also used to lock iPhone to a specific carrier. We have to unlock baseband if we want to use other carriers. But unlocking is not available for all baseband versions. If the baseband is upgraded, it is not possible to downgrade it. So we need to preserve baseband while updating IOS.

Find baseband version:

  • Open settings and tap on ‘General’.

General settings

  • Now tap on ‘About’.

entering into about to check baseband version

  • Here you will find your iPhone baseband version or modem firmware version. In the below picture the version is ‘06.15.00’.

iPhone baseband version

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