How to create Apple ID

By | May 11, 2011

We have to create Apple ID to install iPhone apps, games, music, movie, and many others from iTunes store. Some of us don’t know how to create a new account. It can be done by two ways, using iPhone or using iTunes.

1st of all we need an E-mail address and a credit card. Active credit card is required because everything are not free. It is amazing that we are getting a lot of fun from iTunes store with only 0 to 2 USD.

Apple ID using iPhone: Activate internet to your phone. Go to settings and then Store. Tap ‘new Apple ID’ and complete the steps are required. After activation your account, you can install games or apps from App Store; or can download many things from iTunes.

Creating an Apple id using iPhone

Apple ID using iTunes:  To create an account, your computer must have iTunes installed. Open it and from its menu go to ‘iTunes Store’. Click ‘Sign In’ from top right corner. A new window will open, click ‘Create New Account’, and follow the steps. After account creation you will able to download games, apps, music, movie, TV Show, and many others with your Apple ID.

Apple ID creation using iTunes

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