How to put an iPhone into recovery mode

By | May 27, 2011

Recovery mode is used to restore or update iPhone iOS. If we need to update or restore firmware, we have to put iPhone into recovery mode. By this, we can install only upgrade or current firmware but we can’t downgrade. Because in recovery mode a boot loader remains active, that is called iBoot. It prevents downgrading iOS. Downgrading is possible only on DFU mode. Boot loader is absent in iPhone DFU mode. By following the below simple steps you can easily enter into recovery mode:

Make sure your iPhone is not connected with PC via USB. Turn off iPhone pressing sleep/wake button. Some sites instruct that we should turn off using both sleep and home button. But it is not necessary. Just simply turn off in regular way.

Now press and hold down the home button. Continue holding and connect your iPhone with PC via USB. Don’t release the home button until you see an iTunes and USB icon on the iPhone screen.

iTunes and USB logo after entering recovery mode

After seeing iTunes icon on screen, release the home button. Within few seconds iTunes will start and it will show a message like the below picture.

iTunes pop up message in recovery mode

That’s all. Your iPhone is now in recovery mode and you can restore or update firmware by using iTunes.

To exit recovery mode, press ‘home’ and ‘sleep’ button together and hold until the Apple logo comes. Your iPhone will now start normally.

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